An introduction

So here it is; a brand, spanking new blog for me to air my thoughts.

Quieten down, those of you at the back who perked up at the mention of spanking. Plenty of time for that later!

It only seems right that I open this blog with a thank you to those of you readers who take the time to review the books you read. I don’t know if you have any idea how much an author cherishes an honest review, but to give you a small insight – your reviews are the reason that I now have the opportunity to devote myself full-time to my writing.

Two months ago, I was bringing in around $100 dollars a month from my writing – no mean amount, of course, but far from enough to be able to consider taking the chance of putting my trust in my writing to support myself. But then the first 5 star reviews started rolling in; and with each one, the sales numbers grew exponentially.

That is the power that your words have. Mine might (I hope) be enjoyable to read, but the time you put into reviewing an author’s work can make the difference between that jaded author tossing their pen aside, or their dreams coming true.

Think on that the next time you finish a story and take just five minutes to give your feedback. Even if it’s critical, an author has no hope to improve if no-one tells them where they’ve gone wrong – and if you enjoyed it, then believe me when I say that there’s no greater pleasure than knowing a reader has loved your work. Coming from me, that means a lot!

Until next time, Iz. X