Published work

Prisoner of DesireAmazon US

In the wild and stormy Scottish Highlands, there are no laws. Every woman and castle is there for the taking if only they can be defeated. Sir Alasdair Donachie has set his sights upon Glen Carrick and its maiden lady, Isobel Macnair. Despite the valiant fight that they put up under her command, Glen Carrick is defeated, leaving Isobel defenceless against the men who have invaded her home. At their head is Alasdair, who fully intends to punish the woman for her defiance in daring to try to stand against him. To his very great delight, though, Isobel comes to learn that in his arms, a punishment can instead mean the greatest of pleasures…

Ruby RedAmazon US

The Roaring Twenties – a time of prohibition, speakeasies, jazz and glorious liberation. Ruby Russell knows precisely how to take advantage of both the debauchery of the era and the men who delight in it. When she sets out to toy with her newest target, though, the secretive and jaded Jameson Forbes proves to be far more than she had ever anticipated.

StarlightAmazon US 

Consumed by the memories of a dark past, the very last thing that Esther Ellis wants is to become swept away by another love affair that will end in inevitable heartbreak. But the salacious French count, Tristan de Laurent, proves to be impossible to resist and he convinces her that six sinful days in his arms can do no harm. However, when the ghosts of days gone by force themselves into the present, they threaten to ruin everything for them both…


And coming soon…

The Lord’s Pleasure (September 2012)

Tamsyn Tremayne has no choice but to throw herself upon the mercy of the infamous Lord Jory Dynham, for her son’s life depends upon it. She has nothing to barter with but herself, but it soon becomes clear that she is all he has ever wanted. Under his care, she comes to learn that submitting to his command can bring them both the greatest of pleasures. Her lust for the lascivious lord knows no bounds, but when it threatens to develop into something far stronger, how can she find it within her to trust the man with such a fearsome reputation?

Seduction on the Seas (October 2012)

The seventeenth century offers little protection to a woman who does not wish to follow her father’s commands. When Catherine Bailey’s father orders her into a marriage that she has no intention of making, she knows that she has only one option – to flee. Recklessly stowing away on board a merchant’s ship in the dead of night, she leaves the relative safety of her father’s Caribbean plantation behind only to stumble straight into the lair of the Black Beast himself. Forcibly stealing the maiden from the merchant’s ship despite her desperate protests, Raphael takes her back to his ship to teach her about all of the pleasures that her unwilling body can give to her under his command…


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